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"Karen (the very good Heather Hollingsworth) can't quite make it into the office or even out of bed."                        -The New York Times, of "The Why Overhead"                                          

"Hollingsworth nails the distracted, puppetlike style beautifully."                                                         -TimeOut NY, of "The Northern Quarter

"We're quickly lured into her rollercoaster life by the immense charm of Heather Hollingsworth, Dana Jacks, and McKenna Kerrigan, all of whom have obviously fallen a little in love with the woman they're portraying."                                                       -New York Press, of "Love Dr. Mueller"

"COOKIE MUELLER - the writer/actress who became a downtown legend before her death in 1989 at age 40 - is being discovered by a new generation." Read more.                                                -New York Post, of "Love Dr. Mueller"

"In a simple, beautiful short film by Natalia Babinski based on a story by Heather Hollingsworth, the audience watches a collage of family photos mixed with home movies documenting the growth of two children. [...] Us. A Family Album is deceptively familiar."                        -The Huffington Post, on "Us. A Family Album"



Headshot of Heather Hollingsworth